About Mike

     Engineer.  Businessman.  Lawyer. Veteran.  Hoosier.

     Mike Wherry's life has been a tale of continued achievement and adventure.  Whether working in manufacturing in Illinois or overseeing operations on the U.S.S. Indianapolis fast attack submarine at Pearl Harbor, Mike has never strayed from his Indiana roots.  
     When Mike made the announcement that he was seeking to become Indiana's next Secretary of State, he made that announcement in the city in which he was born, Valparaiso, Indiana.  While his roots to that northwest Indiana community are strong, his formative years were spent in Greenfield, Indiana, just east of Indianapolis.
     Mike graduated valedictorian of his Mt. Vernon High School class in the 1980's at a time when the country was introduced to a new brand of fiscal conservative policies that helped dig the nation out of one of its deepest recessions.  Mike's core beliefs were established during that era and hold true today.  He believes that government should work for the people, not the people working to support our politicians.
     These beliefs were cemented in the successive steps Mike took after graduating from the Fortville, Indiana, high school.  He attended Rose-Hulman Institute, where he graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1995.  From there, he spent five years as an officer in the U.S. Navy overseeing operations on the fast attack submarine U.S.S. Indianapolis stationed at Pearl Harbor. Upon leaving the military, he put his engineering background to work as a Production Supervisor at BASF chemical company in Illinois.  Returning to Indianapolis, Mike eventually enrolled in the law school at Indiana University - Indianapolis, earning his law degree in 2002.  
     Since then, Mike has worked as a successful patent and trademark attorney, which involved advising many Hoosiers who were starting new businesses on protecting intellectual property.  He is able to draw from his academic, military and business experience to truly understand his clients' legal needs.
     Mike currently lives in Greenfield, Indiana, returning to the same area he established his roots.  In his spare time, Mike enjoys a good round of golf, political discussions and spending time with family and friends.  He currently spends time doing volunteer legal work at The Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic in Indianapolis.