Ballot Access

All local, county, state and federal elections ride on this one race. With the direction our nation is heading, we have to be there to provide a choice at the ballot. This isn't about the Libertarian Party as it is about maintaining access for all independent and minority party voices.
                                                                                                             -Mike Wherry

     Indiana law defines political parties and their various duties and privileges based on the results of the Secretary of State race. Parties achieve guaranteed ballot access for the next four years by receiving more than 2% of the vote in this race. A party is designated as a "major party" by receiving more than 10% of the vote.
     The Libertarian Party of Indiana has had guaranteed ballot access as a result of the Secretary of State race continuously since 1994. Every four years, Hoosiers cast their vote in this critical race and the Libertarians have steadily maintained the necessary level of support to retain ballot access. Every cycle counts and we need your vote this year.
     Ballot access means that Libertarians can place candidates on the ballot without the expensive and laborious procedure of gathering petitions. This means that Hoosier voters will have more choices on the ballot. In the 2008 election, either the Republicans or the Democrats did not run a candidate in 34 out of 100 races for the Indiana State House. This was true in 7 out of 25 Indiana State Senate races. When Libertarians have ballot access, they can recruit and run candidates in these races when the old parties have decided that voters don't deserve a choice.
     Every vote is crucial. Voting Libertarian in the Secretary of State race is the ultimate vote for choice. It's a great vote for principle. It is certainly one vote you cast that counts.