The office of Secretary of State is organized in four divisions. The Secretary of State is responsible for overseeing elections through the Indiana Election Division. Through the Business Services division, the office is responsible for chartering new businesses, filing commercial liens, and issuing trademarks, notaries public, and summonses. The Securities Division protects Hoosier investors by enforcing Indiana securities laws. Finally, the Dealer Division administers regulations for registering motorized vehicle dealers.

As Secretary of State, Mike will continue to pursue openness and transparency in government. He will also seek to leverage new technologies and efficient process to streamline government services. Many of the duties of the office require individuals and businesses to file forms. Mike will continue to find new and innovative ways to make the filing processes easier, faster, and less expensive for Hoosier taxpayers.

In overseeing the Election Division, Mike will look out to protect the right to vote for all Hoosiers. He will protect against fraud without compromising individual liberty. He also supports the elimination of gerrymandering and advocates the creation of a non-political, non-partisan board to be charged with redrawing district maps after the 2010 census.