Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wherry Radio Blitz! Campaign Starts 9/25

Our campaign is closing in on the final weeks of the election season. With our success in November, Indiana will be assured twenty continuous years of choice at the ballot. That choice is what allows us to run candidates at every level and win!

This year, we have more active campaigns than we've ever had. Our list of federal candidates is truly impressive and more importantly competing to win this fall! Led by U.S. Senate candidate Rebecca Sink-Burris, we have candidates running in EIGHT OF INDIANA'S NINE CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICTS! (Check out the LPIN list of candidates at the LPIN website.)

We're competing in local races. We're competing in Indiana Statehouse races. Political survival is no longer our goal. Our candidates are running to win.

This is why our race for Secretary of State is so important. We must cover Indiana's airwaves this October and make sure our message of more responsible government is heard.

A proven approach to achieving this goal is running radio ads. Starting in mid-October, we plan to blitz up to 40 of the state's radio stations with a libertarian message. We need your help to do that.

Please consider donating to the campaign. Use our new widget on the homepage! (Or, if you prefer, click our Support the Campaign button for other donation options.)

Thank you for your efforts in keeping Indiana's libertarian option on the ballot. Thank you for your efforts in electing libertarians to office!

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