Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mike Wherry to Attend Rush and Wayne County Fairs

Libertarian Party nominee for Secretary of State Mike Wherry will be visiting two county fairs this week.  He will be at the booth of the Libertarian Party of Rush County at the Rush County Fair on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (June 22 and June 24) and will attend the Wayne County Libertarians’ booth on Wednesday evening, June 23.

“We are very excited to have Mike Wherry here at the Rush County 4-H Fair.  We think it is really important to promote the Secretary of State race in the smaller communities.  Ballot access is an important issue,” says Paul Morrell, Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Rush County. But, it is not just about ballot access.  “I think we have the opportunity to do very well in the Fall Election.  It’s our goal to be the number two party here in Rush County.”

Wherry will participate in a media event Wednesday evening at the Wayne County Fair with other Libertarian candidates.  Rex Bell, Chairman of the Wayne County Libertarian Party and candidate for Indiana House District 54, says, “[We] are very happy that Mike is coming out to help support local candidates.  Wayne County consistently delivers some of the highest vote totals for our Secretary of State candidates.  That is due in part to all of the good people here in Wayne County, and in part to excellent candidates like Mike Wherry.  We hope to see him here many more times before November.”

“The Fair is here. It’s hot. It’s humid. But, we’re talking about libertarianism and we love it,” beams Morrell.  “It’s exciting to travel to different parts of this great state and meet our campaign supporters,” says Wherry.  “These are two of our strongest county affiliates and it will be on display this week at the county fairs.”

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