Monday, June 21, 2010

Mike Wherry Visits Lawrence and Elkhart Counties

Mike Wherry has spent the last two weekends on the campaign trail visiting Lawrence and Elkhart counties.  Wherry traveled to Bedford, Indiana, to attend the first Tea Party event in Lawrence County.  The event was held at the county court house and was attended by nearly three hundred people.  “It was a good event and a great chance to meet and talk with voters,” said Wherry.  “There are a lot of voters who are unhappy with the direction of the two major parties.  The more that I have the opportunity to talk with voters one-on-one, the more that they realize that they have a real choice with the Libertarian Party and my campaign."

This past weekend, Wherry traveled to Elkhart, Indiana, to attend a fundraiser sponsored by the Libertarian Party of Indiana to raise money for Wherry and Indiana State House candidate Ron Cenkush.  Cenkush is running in the 5th District and seeks to unseat twenty-two year incumbent Craig Fry (D).

“It is evident that voters are upset with the status quo.  Ron is running a great campaign up in the 5th District; it was great to spend time with him and talk to voters in his district.”  Wherry continued, “Hoosiers need choices.  The Libertarian Party is going to be a real threat to the establishment and provides an opportunity to give Indiana voters more choices.”

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